Trope A Day-Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead-This is what cortical stacks, off-body updates, and having access to cloning technology allows you to do.  Pretty much everyone in the Equestriaverse has a cortical stack (except a few stick-in-the-mud Earth ponies), and as long as you have a cortical stack and some DNA, you’re not dead.  Or, you have a backup stored somewhere and don’t mind a mechanical body while they assemble your DNA from a stored set you had digitally stored.  Or, you could just stay digital completely, letting yourself remain in the Wired.

This had lead to a lot of changes, not the least is the simple face that sometimes, your enemies just won’t stay dead and keep coming back like bad soap opera villains.  And, way, way, way too many instances of ponies having themselves for company…

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