Trope A Day-Can’t Argue With Alicorns

Can’t Argue With Alicorns-Something which most alicorns hate with a passion.  Most ponies find it very hard to argue directly with alicorns, with a hesitant passive-aggressive “well, I don’t want to impose” being the best most can do.  For a lot of ponies, it’s worse.  Ask Princess Cadence about what it took for her to get the Crystal Ponies to not worship the ground she walked on, and watch her have several bottles of very potent alcohol to help her forget again.  This particular trait of ponykind might be genetic, it might be memetic, it might be cultural…and something that six hundred years of work has only managed to get down to “well, they aren’t worshiping us as deities now.”

There is one particular exception to this, and the alicorns use this little trait as hard as they can.  Ponies will argue with alicorns-in defense of “their” alicorn.  This is the reason for the Ministries, twenty six independent parts of government run by one of the twenty-seven alicorns in existence.  By having an alicorn that is in charge, the ponies in the Ministry will fight to defend “their” alicorn from all the other alicorns…most of the time.  Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, in charge of the Day and Night Courts respectively, also make use of this in allowing for arguments and the management of the Equestrian government.

All the other races have absolutely no problem with saying “screw you, alicorns,” except they usually don’t.  Mostly because the weakest alicorn can take out warships from the surface-individual annoyances can easily be made to vanish in a puff of greasy smoke.

2 thoughts on “Trope A Day-Can’t Argue With Alicorns

  1. Ah, yes, one of those side issues that comes along with the “too functionally equivalent to a deity to be convincing when claiming not to be” problem…


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