Trope A Day-Drink Order

Drink Order-Like all things that involve averages, there’s always exceptions to the rule.  But, when you boil it down to the details, most of the races tend to drink like this-

  • Ponies are big into cider, mead, and any sweeter alcohols.  Oh, and coffee.  Lots, and lots, and lots of coffee.
    If you want to break it down by pony type, Earth ponies are the big cider drinkers.  Pegasus love mead and cider, and occasionally wine.  Unicorns love their wine and their coffee.  And, alicorns will drink whatever they want and nobody will criticize them for it.
  • Griffins will take very well to the microbrewery movement.  They love beer, whiskey, and rum.  Especially beer and whiskey, with a definite preference towards ales and lagers.  Won’t be a fan of IPAs or stouts, but some of the cask-aged beers that are coming out will make them very happy.
    Note, it has to be good beer.  Love-in-a-canoe beer is going to get the bartender in the sort of trouble that might end in violence.
  • Minotaurs are heavy into stouts, IPAs, and wine.  They are probably the only species out there that will actually drink retsina, without irony or hesitation.  There’s also an odd love of sake.
  • Zebras are big into tequila, vodka, and whiskey.  They also have a national love of sake in all it’s forms.
  • Changelings will drink whatever it takes to mix into the local population.

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