Trope A Day-Alicorn Job Security

Alicorn Job Security-Something that twenty-five of twenty-seven alicorns would love to get rid of ASAP.  Every pony keeps trying to put them on a pedestal, either to worship them or take pot-shot at them.  Six hundred years of genetic modifications has resulted in a definite reduction in the size of pedestals that they get put upon.  Mind you, alicorns tend to be very competent and usually do very well in running whatever they do.  With some teething pains, which is always fun to watch at a safe distance.

(The two alicorns that don’t mind?  Prince Dusk Shine (whom is an IT nerd that has found a home that lets him play with ALL THE TOYS) and Princess Soft Light (she loves playing with cameras and lights and models as a part of the Ministry of Dreams).)

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