Trope A Day-Teeth Clenched Teamwork

Teeth Clenched Teamwork-Sometimes, from the outside, how the Griffin Moot seems to work.  The nobles conspire against the Emperor with the help of the Commons, the Emperor conspires against the nobles with the help of the Commons, the Commons conspire against everybody with the help of everybody.  The Imperial Griffin Navy and Army stay as far above the fray as possible, especially the numbered fleets (which have access to dreadnoughts and super-dreadnoughts), and it all seems like it’ll fly apart at the seams in an instant.

What isn’t seen is that while griffins will argue and fight with each other…but the moment an outside threat shows up, the internal arguments vanish and solidarity shows up.  This was especially seen during the Horizon War-the Imperial War Council had members of both the Loyalist and Opposition nobility, and the usual arguments didn’t start up until shortly after the war’s end.

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