History Of Equestria-The Black Beast

Black Beast, The (1046(?) to 1070 ANM)-The name of this one unicorn has never been known, only the name he gave himself.  What he was capable of doing with his particular trick was one thing-absolute mind control over any Minotaur that was within line of sight of him.  And, the control was permanent-even after his death, the Minotaurs he controlled were still worshipful of the Black Beast.  They were willing to die for him, in great numbers.

His control over the Minotaurs would result in the Black Beast War (1063-1070 ANM), which was the last major war on Equestria.  This war was the first war where firearms were used, the first truly “industrial” war, and was seven years of major conflict all across Equestria.  This war would result in the later Minotaur Diaspora in 1270 ANM and the immense paranoia about mental control technology within the later Senate and Minotaur Republic.

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