Trope A Day-Klatchian Coffee

Klatchian Coffee-There are quite a few blends of coffee in Equestria that can do this. But, if you want this trope in its full, eye-peeling, mind-bending glory, this is the blend that is only known as the Two Sisters Blend.

In the whole realm of “crack is cheaper“, Two Sisters Blend is pretty much the exclusive coffee blend of the Diarchy and the alicorns.  You could buy a starship-and not a small one-for the cost of a pound of Two Sisters. It’s given as a diplomatic gift and as something that you can drink one cup and start having caffeine hallucinations.

(Taste?  Pretty damn good.  Oh, and the LD=50 for the caffeine amount in it is at the amount of three cups for anyone that isn’t an alicorn.  Drink softly.)

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