In a galaxy close enough to ours, there is a world where magic is real, and several sapient races exist.  This world is Equestria, and it is at the heart of a universe in the middle of change.

Nearly two thousand years after the Nightmare Moon, the five races of Equestria have reached out to the stars.  Expanding in a sphere nearly a thousand light years in diameter, the Equestrian Diarchy and the alicorn Princesses rules over hundreds of worlds.  Meanwhile, the Griffin Moot contests its “second among equals” against the Diarchy, the Senate and Minotaur Republic fights to establish itself, and the Imperial Zebra throne pushes to hold onto what it has.  Along the borders, the Changeling Omnivoracy raids various worlds for love and memories to feed the Changeling Empresses.  Every day, new worlds are found, new discoveries are made, and new things are discovered by curious sapients.

Everyone lives in exciting times.  It has only been fifteen years since the Horizon War, the first major conflict between the five major powers.  The lessons learned from that war have brought peace-of a sort.  To some, the peace after the Horizon War is merely a pause between wars, a pause that will lead to even greater conflicts.  To others, the openings created by the Horizon War means more opportunities.  And, somewhere out on the frontier, something is happening…

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