Trope A Day-Scale Of Scientific Sins

Scale Of Scientific Sins-Or, as the Ministry of Innovation calls it, “our map to the future.”  In general, the usual issue in innovation isn’t dealing with things when they go horribly wrong or right, but the general conservatism of the races in the Equestriaverse.  Taken in detail-

  1. Automation-The less time you have to spend making Important Things, the more time you have to make things you like and enjoy.  And, there’s a market for hoof-and-horn crafted products.
  2. Anything With Potential Applications-It’s called “bonus time” when you get things like this.  The more potential applications, the better.
  3. Genetic Engineering and Trans-sophonism-We can’t call it trans-humanism, because there aren’t any humans around (yet at least), but everybody views genetic modification and improving themselves as a vital portion of their lives.  Cybernetics don’t eat your soul, the idea of being a mix-and-match critter has little appeal, and improving yourself doesn’t make you a monster.  Unless you want to become one, of course.
  4. Immortality-Well, yes.  Because living forever is awesome.  And, it’s a broken universe when you die because something wears out or otherwise is not your choice.  Even when that choice is doing stupid things in stupid places.  Besides, immortality these days is easy as pie.
  5. Creating Life-What you make, you’re responsible for.  So, be responsible in your creations.
  6. Cheating Death-Every single day of every single month of every single year.  Unless your cortical stack or backup is corrupted, you’re not coming back wrong, and living forever means you can do everything, eventually.
  7. Usurping God-The sooner the better, in the opinion of most alicorns.  They don’t like being worshipped.

Of course, curiosity isn’t an excuse for failing to take proper safely precautions.  These precautions include things like “surge protectors” and “self-destruct systems” to keep things from going too wrong, too fast.  Even with these, the Ministry of Magic (which works according to the Precautionary Principal) keeps a very close eye on the Ministry of Innovation.