Trope A Day-Godzilla Threshold

Godzilla Threshold-What happens when an alicorn becomes involved in any major armed conflict. Prior to the Horizon War was the Battle for NuDawn, when a Changeling force attacked NuDawn.

The planet only had one real defense-Prince Lucifer Morningstar was there because he was visiting a penpal. Once the Changeling fleet came into orbit, he moved immediately to the opposite side of the planet and…waited.

Every time a Changeling ship came over the visual horizon, he destroyed it in a single strike. Before the fleet broke orbit-and it should be noted, didn’t take a single pony-he had destroyed over twenty battleships and similar numbers of supporting ships. The Changelings tried to kill him with a saturation kinetic energy bombardment-which he stopped before any weapon went past the troposphere. At the end, he teleported back and was hungry and tired, but indicated that he could keep going.

Lucifer Morningstar is one of the youngest of the alicorns, and the moment they realized that one of them was on the world, the Changeling Queen left.

What the Four Eldest could do is terrifying to any rational invasion planner. It is considered that short of a re-appearance of the Precursors, any invasion of the Equestrian solar system would be brief.

Ships Of The IGSN-Battleships, Dreadnoughts, And Super Dreadnoughts

Used exclusively by the numbered fleets, the IGSN regards them as the “last argument” against any member of the military nobility that might think about rebellion.  In addition, the class is needed for the sheer power and ability to deal with capital ship threats. During the Horizon War, the class dealt with it’s Equestrian counterparts, revealing that they were slightly under-gunned for their size, relying more upon volume of fire versus sheer power.

A few new classes are being proposed by the IGSN Bureau of Shipbuilding, and they may soon see deployment by the IGSN.

Black Talon-class Battleship

At 60,000 tons and 320 meters long, the Black Talon is the core of many of the numbered naval squadrons, and it is the smallest ship to carry a stellar converter in IGSN service.  In addition, the class mounts six 12cm buster launchers in the bow, eight 10 cm buster launchers in four groups of two, and six of the huge Anaconda-class missile launch cells.  The class carries enough missiles to fire six salvoes of five Anaconda-class missiles, giving it a deadly long-ranged punch against anything lighter than a capital ship.  The class also carries as standard a full IGSM battalion.

The class served well through the Marathon War, and the only changes proposed in the class is mounting heavier point defense stations to deal with the heavier plasma torpedoes being built into Equestrian capital warships.

Kestrel-class Fast Battleship

Built exclusively for the numbered fleets, this 62,000 ton and 320 meter long ship is built for the role of hunting down and destroying battlecruisers.  To this end, the Kestrel-class carries a stellar converter, six 12cm buster launchers in the bow, eight 10 cm buster launchers in four groups of two, and eight extended launch cells for Sidewinder-class anti-ship missiles.  The choices of the lighter missiles versus the larger Anaconda was based around the need of the class to engage smaller ships and the ability to carry many more missiles (the Kestrel can carry ten salvoes of six missiles each) than the sheer slam power of the larger missile.  Having the same acceleration as most other navies battle-cruisers, the class is difficult to escape from and hard to defeat by anything short of another fast battleship.

During the Horizon War, Kestral-class ships operated in “hunting packs” of four ships, backed up by cruiser support, to engage the RESF Princess Luna-class fast battleships.  Serving well through the Horizon War, the class is seeing a new production run with only minor changes to the design.

Rookery-class Squadron Drone Tender

Built on the hulls of Kestral-class fast battleships, the Rookery SDT sacrifices the broadside buster launchers and missile launchers to carry twenty-four Spur­-class ACVs and twelve Valkyrie-class heavy ACVs.  In combat, the class serves as a counter for hostile ACVs, in addition to carrying out strike missions against light warships using Valkyrie-class ACVs to fire missile salvoes.  The class also carries a full IGSM battalion.

Throne-class Dreadnought

Massing at 87,000 tons and 360 meters long, the Throne-class dreadnought was the hammer of the numbered fleets, heavily armed and armored.  Besides mounting a stellar convertor, the Throne-class carries eight 14 cm buster launchers in the bow, twelve 12cm buster launchers in four groups of three, and six launch cells for Anaconda-class missiles.  Armored much more heavily than the Equestrian Princess Celestia-class and the Minotaur Taurus-class, the class lacks some of the agility of the Equestrian warships it would face off against.  However, the sheer strength of the hull was more than enough to engage most threats.  Like all other IGSN warships of its size, the Throne carries a full IGSM battalion.

The class served well through the Horizon War, but several issues with the design and it’s relatively light buster launcher array has resulted in fleet design proposals for a new dreadnought class that would mount bow-mounted 16cm buster launchers and more launch cells for missiles.

Crown-class Super Dreadnought

At 100,000 tons and 390 meters long, the Crown-class is the ship class of the IGSN, and is regarded by the numbered fleets as the core of their formations.  Mounting a stellar convertor, six 16cm buster launchers in the bow, sixteen 14cm buster launchers in four groups of four, and eight launch cells for Anaconda-class missiles, the Crown is a pure warship design.  The class incorporates heavy armor and shields, with an average amount of point defense against enemy seeking weapons.  The ship also carries full flag facilities and a full IGSM battalion.

The class only fought in one battle of the war, facing off against Equestrian Queen Majesty-class ships.  The design’s problems in extended combat once the missiles are gone were shown and a proposal for a new class of super dreadnought (the Scepter-class) would mount much heavier buster launchers and extended launch cells for the Anaconda-class missiles.

On Sapience

“Perhaps sapience is this-the understanding, beyond lip service, that there is such a thing as long term consequences. That by our short-term decisions, we create our long term consequences. But, without the short term decisions made by others and ourselves, there cannot be long term consequences.

“That may be the greatest…sin of alicorns. We are the long term consequences of decisions made in the short term. We exist as long term consequences, and we remind all-allies, enemies, and neutrals-that there is such a thing as long term consequences that might exist to effect them.

“I think that the thing that I hate the most about our existence is that our ponies love the fact that long term consequences exist, and the thing that I love is that griffins hate that our existence proves that long term consequences exist.”

-From The Secret Diaries Of Princess Celestia

Trope A Day-Conspicuous Consumption

Conspicuous Consumption-Not exactly a thing by most of the races in the Equestriaverse. Even the most extreme examples of this tend to be more of the “look at me” more than “look at what I’ve got”. On a species basis, ponies (especially unicorns) will do a lot of this when showing off their wealth and power, with griffins just right behind them. Zebras are more into the whole Simple Yet Opulent idea of dealing with things-a sort of “I have all this wealth, and look how restrained I am with it.” Minotaurs tend to not be like this, as this kind of thing is seen as foolish-“you’re spending your money on that, rather than using it for something practical?” is the mentality in effect here.

It doesn’t mean that most species won’t show off-they just have different ways of doing it.

Trope A Day-Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness

Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness-If you’re doing anything in either the Day or Night Courts of Equestria, for the love of Mother Faust, don’t do this.

Princess Celestia is infamous for listening to someone try this on her, and having her summarize the entire exchange in less than a paragraph. For the occasional amusement, Princess Celestia has occasionally reduced whole massive speeches designed to try and conceal what the speaker has done to about 140 characters or less.

(Yes, Princess Celestia has literally reduced huge speeches to tweets.)

In the Night Court, Princess Luna has been known to demand that the speaker come to the point and do so immediately.  Or, she will start to get sarcastic at them.  Or threaten to get ironic.

(Rumors to the contrary, she hasn’t had anybody executed for trying to spin bullshit into brown silk.)

Ships Of The IGSN-Frigates and Destroyers

The Imperial Griffin Space Navy consider frigates and destroyers to be “cruiser escorts”, usually with two ships to a single larger cruiser or battle cruiser.  Like all IGSN ships, frigates and destroyers rely upon missiles for long-range combat, unlike larger RESF ships that carry plasma torpedoes.  With military organization of the Griffin Moot built around the named (i.e. the fleets of the nobility) and the numbered (i.e. the Space Navy proper), there are a lot of frigates and destroyers out there, and quite a few of them find their way into pirate hands.

After the end of the Horizon War, the IGSN has been looking into improved versions of the various classes of frigates and destroyers, with only a new destroyer class coming up on the horizon. However, the frigate may start to be seen only in second line service, and for courier duties for larger fleets.

Shadow-class Frigate

The smallest single FTL warship in the IGSN, the Shadow-class frigate is 160 meters long and masses 9,700 tons, and the ship is built around a weapons fit of a 6cm buster launcher and two 3cm buster launchers on the broadsides. In addition, the ship carries two missile launch cells for twenty-four Asp anti-ship missiles (giving it the ability to launch four salvoes of six missiles each from the launchers).

The Shadow-class Frigate has the same issue as most other frigates in service-too small for most missions, too fragile to lie in the wall of battle in fleets, and it’s mission being taken over by increasingly better drones. What this ship mostly does in the IGSN is serve as a messenger ship for fleets, a light escort for convoys, and an escort for Peregrine-class exploration ships.

Marathon-class Destroyer

At 195 meters and 12,000 tons, the Marathon-class destroyer is built to serve as a heavy escort and counter-destroyer for fleet operations. Armed with two 6cm buster launchers in the bow and two 3cm broadside buster launchers, the ship also carries two missile launch cells for thirty Asp-class anti-ship missiles. This gives the class the ability to launch five salvoes of six missiles each. The class also mounts a slightly heavier point defense fit than standard, mostly in the form of more powerful point defense systems over number of installations.

The Marathon-class would see service in the Horizon War, mostly serving as an escort for fleets and similar operations. The class would see further construction after the Horizon War, with slight improvements added to various hulls in service.

Thermopile-class Destroyer

At 195 meters and 15,000 tons, the Thermopile-class destroyer is built to replace the Marathon-class destroyer after the Horizon War.  Incorporating the lessons learned in the war, the ship is armed with two 6cm buster launchers in the bow and two 4cm broadside buster launchers. The ship also carries two missile launch cells for thirty Asp-class anti-ship missiles. This gives the class the ability to launch five salvoes of six missiles each, similar to the lighter Marathon-class. The class also mounts a slightly heavier point defense fit than standard, mostly in the form of more powerful point defense systems over number of installations. The armor is also slightly heavier, especially in the bow.

The Thermopile-class destroyer is only starting to come out of the shipyards of the Griffin Moot, and most of these ships are coming into service with the numbered fleets.