Trope A Day-Stop Worshiping Me/Unwanted False Faith

Stop Worshiping Me/Unwanted False Faith-Alicorns.

Full stop.

To say that alicorns are powerful is like saying the sun is a little warm, the sea is a little salty, and hard vacuum is short on breathable material. Twenty-seven beings that the Equestrian ponies revere in various degrees of worship from “the very hoof beats of Faust on the universe” to “very powerful beings that you should respect for that power.” The weakest can kill starships in orbit, the strongest and eldest among them are basically “do not attack, unless you want to prove there is life after death by direct examination.” They are capable of many things…

…but, some things are beyond them. They cannot bless. They cannot bring back the dead (the truly dead, not someone that died but has a cortical stack). They cannot heal beyond what is available by technology. And, the process of becoming an alicorn, Ascention, is something that an alicorn can only provide guidance once the pony has made it half-way there. Whatever counts as half-way for that particular pony.

But, this doesn’t stop ponies from trying to pray. To beg for a miracle. To ask for a blessing. To pour faith into twenty-seven being that for the most part…can only do what they can do and not much else.

For at least six hundred years, the alicorns of Equestria have been trying to reduce the size of the pedestals that they have been put on by ponies. So far…there hasn’t been too much reduction.

Trope A Day-Pony Of Mass Destruction

Pony Of Mass Destruction-Short version, do not piss off an alicorn.  Don’t make them angry enough that they want to break out the entire toybox of means they can deal with threats.  The weakest and youngest of all alicorns, Prince Lucifer Morningstar, once picked off battleships from the surface of the planet he was on.  Without a magical amplifier, killing each ship with single shots.  He was tired when he was done, but that was about eight battleships later.

What one of the older alicorns could do almost beggars the imagination.  In theory, Princess Celestia could turn Equestria’s sun into a Lensman-scale sunbeam.  Princess Luna could drive you mad in your nightmares that would never end, even if you were wide awake.  Princess Cadence, the weakest of the four eldest ponies, could destroy every feeling of love and loyalty you ever had (and this is a state secret so high even other alicorns don’t know about this).  And, Princess Twilight Sparkle?  She’s the head of the Ministry of Magic, one of the three ponies in charge of the Ministry of Ghosts, and has access to all the toys.

(Also, they have control, as much as sheer power.  Any “Fall of Equestra”-type situation would end in this universe by the simple fact that Celestia could and would teleport instantly a pinprick sized piece of stellar plasma into the heads of every invading Caribou.  Tiny pin-prick sized piece, just enough to reduce their heads to an instant cloud of floating red mist…)

Trope A Day-Alicorn Job Security

Alicorn Job Security-Something that twenty-five of twenty-seven alicorns would love to get rid of ASAP.  Every pony keeps trying to put them on a pedestal, either to worship them or take pot-shot at them.  Six hundred years of genetic modifications has resulted in a definite reduction in the size of pedestals that they get put upon.  Mind you, alicorns tend to be very competent and usually do very well in running whatever they do.  With some teething pains, which is always fun to watch at a safe distance.

(The two alicorns that don’t mind?  Prince Dusk Shine (whom is an IT nerd that has found a home that lets him play with ALL THE TOYS) and Princess Soft Light (she loves playing with cameras and lights and models as a part of the Ministry of Dreams).)