Trope A Day-Good Is Not Soft

Good Is Not Soft-Ponies are a nice, kind, and generous people.  First to come if there’s a disaster with fabricators, emergency supplies, and a hug or three.  Oh, and a cup of tea (or hot chocolate, your choice).  Polite, nice people.  Great neighbors, for the most part, and even the times when they aren’t good neighbors you can deal with them easily.  Which, of course, presents a problem when they go bad, because they go really bad.

But, this gets back to ponies in general.  They’re nice people.  Which, some people (like changelings, diamond dogs, griffins, and the occasional Evil Overlord pony) think is weakness.  A lack of will to do hard things.  That they are soft.

Which is why they’re always surprised when the Royal Equestrian Space Navy shows up, usually in a task force with a few battleships for extra heft.  And, very politely ask for the surrender of those responsible for the crimes against Equestrian citizens.  And damages to be paid for.

Remarkably enough, when this happens, there are surrenders and payment and repatriation of captured citizens and worlds.  In very rapid order.

Because, if ponies have to fight, they stop being nice.  And, they won’t stop until they win.