Trope A Day-Inertial Dampening

Inertial Dampening-The joys and advantages of magic lets you have access to some of the cheat codes to reality.  One of these cheat codes is that you can create a “pocket” of space that isn’t affected by the accelerations of a star ship under drive.  Still has lag issues, so make sure you strap yourself in during combat, or you’ll get thrown around like an extra on Star Trek.  Usually ending with a very  painful stop.

Since the pocket itself is in perpetual free-fall, this makes Artificial Gravity (via another magical cheat code) vital.

Trope A Day-Tastes Like Purple

Tastes Like Purple-There’s a bad Princess Twilight Sparkle joke in here somewhere, get your head out the gutter.

Overuse of magic has synesthesia as a major symptom.  Cases of hearing colors, tasting musical notes, smelling sounds…when the local magical field gets overloaded, senses and perceptions get mixed up for a while.  If you’re suddenly able to taste soprano notes, it’s time to find solid cover and hope that more serious problems, like diarrhea, odd mental conditions, or the localized breakdown of reality doesn’t happen.