Trope A Day-Required Secondary Powers

Required Secondary Powers-Comedy usually happens when a unicorn (or anybody with a vector controller) forgets that while the vector controller or magic might be able to lift an object, if they aren’t braced properly…

Or, summoning fireballs and forgetting the whole thing about thermal bloom.

Or any number of things where if you forget that the laws of physics will find a way to get you in the end.

Trope A Day-Cyborg

Cyborg-Well, just about everybody that isn’t a stick-in-the-mud pony.  Not obvious modifications for the most part, but augmentations are standard in a lot of ways.  Between the brain-interface system, nano-machines that keep you from being diseased and speed up your healing, and general improvements that make you much more capable than a baseline pony.  A lot of these basic augmentations are the start for more extensive modifications that soldiers and explorers get.

And many of these augmentations are available to the public.