Just Another Day On PX-3391

Signifer Heavy Bull grunted and really wished his suit of powered armor allowed him to scratch the back of his head.  “How bad is it?” he asked, letting his head turn slightly to keep looking around.  He was surrounded by a full squad of the Eleventh Legion-eighteen legionaries, an Optio who was his second in command, and about twenty drones to provide fire support.  But, anybody that was a veteran of PX-3391, which was to say anybody that survived more than a day, you took nothing for granted.

Optio Long Haul waved his grav gun vaguely eastward.  “Fourth squad got hit hard by swarmers, took out their drones, then the beetles came up and hit them with heavy weapons.  Command thinks there’s a nymph close to here, providing coordination.”

“Get out the seismic sensors, and push them hard,” Heavy Bull ordered.  “I want some better warning if we have tunnelers nearby.”

“Yes, sir,” Long Haul nodded and stumped off towards the legionnaire that was running the sensor deck.

Heavy Bull pulled up a holographic map in his suit visor and tapped out commands in the air.  His squad was holding this particular portion of the line, waiting as support came up to push further towards the nearest Changeling hive.  Over six thousand Senate and Minotaur Republic citizens were being held as food for the larders of this local Changeling queen and just dropping a huge rock on the hive wasn’t an option.  The Republic was going to get it’s citizens back-either alive or as cortical stacks-and the Queen was going to have a very momentary regret for why you didn’t do this kind of thing.

The suit comm beeped and Heavy Bull brought up the connection.  “Sensors in place, sir” Long Haul noted.  “We’re clear as far as we can tell.”

Heavy Bull came up to firing line and found his position.  The rest of the squad and the drones came into place, and he queued up firing lane assignments on his implants.

Just another day on PX-3391.

Trope A Day-Space Marine

Space Marine-Oddly averted by the Royal Equestrian Space Forces, mostly because they never really saw the need for such a force.  If they need ground troops, they get them from the Royal Equestrian Ground Forces, usually in the form of a Reaction Battalion on a Bright Bulb-class GFSS (Ground Forces Support Ship).  After the Horizon War, the RESF and the REGF began to work out force sizes for ships, with a proposal for company-sized units aboard cruisers, reinforced-company sized units on battlecruisers, and battalion-sized units of infantry on capital ships.

Embraced with glee by the Imperial Griffin Marine Corps, whom will fight with anyone over the title of “The Emperor’s Finest“.  The IGMC can get away with having their crews on Imperial Griffin Space Navy ships by the simple fact that a Marine is replacing an equivalent naval rating, as well as providing ground force support.  Since every single Marine wears a suit of powered battle armor and is backed up by a veritable swarm of drones, orbital fire support, and the other Marines to their flanks, this makes an IGMC Marine (NEVER call an IGMC Marine a “soldier” unless you want to get punched) a dangerous foe indeed.

The Senate and Minotaur Republic Forces doesn’t recognize any difference between a spacer or a soldier.  Basic training is infantry training, every soldier in the SMRF from new recruit to Dux is required to demonstrate basic infantry proficiency at least yearly, and every single soldier in the SMRF legions has an infantry rifle somewhere handy.  While they do have specialist ground and boarding soldiers in powered armor for those missions that require it, the SMRF doctrine of “every soldier is an infantry soldier” has served it well on a number of occasions.

The Zebra Kingdoms espatiers are in the mold of the IGMC, but like a lot of things in the Kingdoms they have to contend with issues of too few bodies for too many missions.  Especially if Capital has to act against one of the larger noble houses, careful alliances are needed to generate the number of troops needed to bring down a noble house.