Sixteen Tons

The Skyskimmer-class freighter settled onto it’s landing pads and the hull groaned as it took up the weight after the anti-gravity was cut out.  Apple Fritter sighed, and waited outside the safety zone as the ship settled and groaned.  A few moments later, the hatches opened, and a pegasus trotted out of the ship, a data slate held in his vector controller.  “Apple Fritter,” the pegasus yelled over the sounds of settling starship.

“That’s me,” Apple Fritter replied, and trotted past the safety line.  “Do you have my cargo?”

“Got a lot of cargo,” the pegasus replied, and waved the data slate.  “Which one is it?”

Apple Fritter queued his implants and beeped the data slate.  “That’s my cargo.”

The pegasus looked at it and sighed.  “So, you’re the one with the sixteen tons of shit on my ship.”

“Sixteen tons of high-nitrogen fertilizer,” Apple Fritter corrected.  “Perfect to start out a new field.”

“Whatever,” the pegasus replied and shook his head, the short mane bobbing to his head shakes.  “Soon as it clears customs, it’s your smelly  mess to deal with.”

Apple Fritter looked skyward, and nodded.  “Got a hauler here for it.  Standard cargo boxes?”

“Two boxes worth,” the pegasus agreed.  “Anything else?”

“Nope, just new fertilizer for the fields,” Apple Fritter replied, and looked at the setting sun in the purple sky.