It Also Makes A Hot Rum Totty

EQUESTRIA, CANTERLOT-Vend-O-Matic has released it’s newest beverage vending machine, the VENBEV-903.  This new vending machine is fitted with a full range of sensors (full Covenant Privacy legal), and can provide not less than 450,000 different hot or cold beverages from the integral fabrication assemblies.  Vend-O-Matic is offering a “in kind” trade for the previous VENBEN-800 series beverage vendor machines, and a “at cost” for any earlier VENBEN machine series.

“We’re very proud of the new -903,” Sippy Cup, PR head of Vend-O-Matic said in an interview.  “With full connectivity with your muse and passive detection methods to determine beverage need, we can fully fulfill the needs of our customers.  Hot beverages, cold beverages, juices, coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, we can produce the perfect beverage for our customers as needed, and at any time.”

The VENBEN-903 can use all Beverage cartridges (both Vend-O-Matic official and generic), and incorporates full holographic external projection systems for advertising.  The VENBEV-903M is also produced for sale in Senate and Minotaur Republic territory, without the sensor array and holographic projection systems.  Full repair templates are included in the purchase price.

Trope A Day-Good Is Not Soft

Good Is Not Soft-Ponies are a nice, kind, and generous people.  First to come if there’s a disaster with fabricators, emergency supplies, and a hug or three.  Oh, and a cup of tea (or hot chocolate, your choice).  Polite, nice people.  Great neighbors, for the most part, and even the times when they aren’t good neighbors you can deal with them easily.  Which, of course, presents a problem when they go bad, because they go really bad.

But, this gets back to ponies in general.  They’re nice people.  Which, some people (like changelings, diamond dogs, griffins, and the occasional Evil Overlord pony) think is weakness.  A lack of will to do hard things.  That they are soft.

Which is why they’re always surprised when the Royal Equestrian Space Navy shows up, usually in a task force with a few battleships for extra heft.  And, very politely ask for the surrender of those responsible for the crimes against Equestrian citizens.  And damages to be paid for.

Remarkably enough, when this happens, there are surrenders and payment and repatriation of captured citizens and worlds.  In very rapid order.

Because, if ponies have to fight, they stop being nice.  And, they won’t stop until they win.

Starting Out

At some point there will be a FAQ/About posting, but here’s the “back cover” blurb for this little experiment into looking through the keyhole and seeing what sort of fanon can be created…

“Nearly two thousand years after the Nightmare Moon, the five races of Equestria have reached out to the stars.  Expanding in a sphere nearly a thousand light years in diameter, the Equestrian Diarchy and the alicorn Princesses rules over hundreds of worlds.  Meanwhile, the Griffin Moot contests its “second among equals” against the Diarchy, the Senate and Minotaur Republic fights to establish itself, and the Imperial Zebra throne pushes to hold onto what it has.  Along the borders, the Changeling Omnivoracy raids various worlds for love and memories to feed the Changeling Empresses.  Every day, new worlds are found, new discoveries are made, and new things are discovered by curious sapients.

“Everyone lives in exciting times.  It has only been fifteen years since the Horizon War, the first major conflict between the five major powers.  The lessons learned from that war have brought peace-of a sort.  To some, the peace after the Horizon War is merely a pause between wars, a pause that will lead to even greater conflicts.  To others, the openings created by the Horizon War means more opportunities.  And, somewhere out on the frontier, something is happening…”